When it comes to my early relationship with barbering, I was much the same as anyone of my generation. You would go with your dad to see and older aged barber, who didn’t ask you what you wanted, he would just give you a shorter version of what you had.

But Barbering has changed, and so has the industry. I fell in love with the industry while I was at University. When you study business marketing, you tend to look at industries that are growing at the time. Male Grooming was HUGE. I knew that I wanted to work within this industry, but wasn’t sure in what capacity.

After a year battle with anxiety, depression and a massive mental breakdown, I took a year out of uni and focused on what really made me happy. I knew that I loved the industry and I liked looking after my appearance. One night, strolling through instagram, not being able to sleep, I saw a Barber’s Page and something clicked, I messaged my girlfriend and said, what would you do if I trained to be a barber and had a shop and business one day, she replied “I’ll support whatever you want to do”.

So I finished uni, really focusing on mens grooming products and the male grooming industry, studying product packaging for my dissertation, and completing a few business plans.

Over a year later, it was the best decision I ever made. Taking a gamble and re-training straight out of uni in something completely different was a risk but I think I always knew it would pay off.

In December 2016 I met Tom, someone who had also struggled with mental health and shared a passion for Barbering, we instantly got each other and pushed each other to better everyday.

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