I started my journey to becoming a barber quite late in life, I remember being about 17 and saying to my dad I wanted to train and he said… “No, you need to get yourself a proper job”… so that is what I did, I started my working world in the financial industry working hard and enthusiastically although I never loved. I longed to use my passion for something else and sought to find a career that wouldn’t feel like such work.
Barbering has taken me by true surprise, as over the last 10 years I have suffered with hair loss and never once enjoyed going to the barbers, then in early 2015 I found Total Cover Plus and over night it changed my life, it brought out a confidence and belief in myself that everyone around me was longing to see.
So with the promise to my Mum before she passed away that I would follow my heart, I began my journey of barbering.
I was so lucky to get a place with Hair For Men NVQ course and also working with Total Cover Plus the experience I have gained has been out of this world.
I have been so lucky so far to see that with my own personal experiences with hair loss and with my training I can truly help those that come and see me.
With true understanding and desire to help all that I can, I share my personal experiences through social media and online blogs so that each and everyone of my clients can benefit from what I offer.

I have been quickly able to realise that by bringing my own journey especially with hair loss to a wider audience on social  media my readers can learn all the things they wanted to know, but were afraid to ask. With topics ranging from early hairloss to the current styles and products to use.

“The Dude Lab” means more than one man himself, it is about all those guys out there that like to look after themselves and are looking for a bit of guidance in what would work for them.

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