Why me, why did I lose my hair, why can’t it be someone else, what have I done wrong, my dads got loads of hair… all the questions I asked myself over the years when I saw my hair leaving me quicker than anything!


Looking back, I can see that it could have been so many reason’s but none of them my fault, I couldn’t change what was happening, unfortunately I believe it could have something to do with having a nervous breakdown when I was younger as your body has a way of dealing with stress and mine said… you don’t need your hair… if only it knew I did. I needed the identify that my hair gave me, and it was going before my eyes.


No matter how hard I tried to ignore it and looking back now I must have done well as I didn’t think it was as thin as the pictures now suggest it was going and the widow peaks were very obvious, and my crown was very much telling the people behind me that I was losing my hair.


I can’t say that I tried lots of different things because I didn’t, fibres looked hard work, a transplant frankly looked too painful and I am a numbers man and looking at the odd’s it was never going to give me what I wanted.


For an important night out, I would use the fill in hairspray that would cover everything that wasn’t brown with marks and I would spend the rest of the week double washing everything to bring it back to its natural colour.


The insecurities I felt were driving me crazy at times, thankfully when I was younger the trend of selfies weren’t what they are these days (ok… before you think I am really old I am only 33 but like hair systems technology has changed a hell of a lot) but those camera’s would come out and the excitement of the night was soon forgotten once I saw that the flash has found the front of my forehead and shined like a beacon in the night to all around.


I was always a confident kind of guy but as the hair loss got worse… I hid behind my friends; good time Tom became quite Tom and then became reclusive Tom and that’s when something had to be done.


The comments from friends and random strangers in reference to my hairline (or lack of it) were becoming more and more and generally the mirror became a place for me to find fault with myself and that is no way to live.


So I armed myself with google and many many nights investigating what could be done, I saw many cheap and some frankly far too expensive hair systems that would “change my life” (their words not mine) and I met a few who promised me the world but from what they were showing me would make me a laughing stock to everyone who saw something stuck on my head and then I found Total Cover Plus… when I say Total Cover Plus changed my life I can honestly say it has, yeah we have all seen the headline such and such changed my life but 4 years ago I was bald, working in banking and finance and generally so insecure and unhappy with myself and now… I am proud to wear a hair system, I more so than not look in the mirror and approve what is looking back at me (not bad for 33 lol) and I now own and run a successful hair loss brand that is giving guys like me the change to be who they want to be.


Do I regret anything? No, why? It happened when it was meant to and what do those that know me and meet me say about my hair… “You have amazing hair” what do I say… “I know, it’s a hair system!”

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