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  • Ultra Realistic Hairline
  • Highest Quality Human Hair
  • Completely Undetectable


  • Sleep in it
  • Shower in it
  • Swim in it
  • Train in it


  • Breathable Artificial Base Skin
  • Micro-thin Artificial Skin (0.03mm)
  • NO harmful side effects

Why am I offering you the chance to have a free hair system?


Well today I have just finished fitting a system for a young guy who has really suffered for many years with confidence issues because of his hair loss and I was where this guy was and it got me thinking back to when I first had my system.


I use to look in the mirror and see a guy that I didn’t recognise, a face staring back at me that I didn’t like and why… I had no hair!


Over the last 12 months I have met so many amazing guys that have opened up to me, allowed me to see them at their most vulnerable and asked me to help them, thankfully I’ve been able to help over 95% of the guys I have met, those that haven’t been suitable for a system or it wasn’t right for them, I’ve been able to connect with them too and offer them advice and guidance for going forward and just because a Total Cover Plus hair system wasn’t right for them, I still care and want to be able to offer my knowledge through personal and professional experience to allow them to live the very best version of them.


I know that some might think there is some sort of catch to this but there really isn’t – all I am asking is you share your story with me by filling out the simple form below, tell me how hair loss has affected you, what lengths have you gone to manage your hair loss situation and why you want a Total Cover Plus hair system, then I will not choose the best story – I will choose the person I relate to the most with what they have written, I will then ask you in for a consultation and if all the normal boxes are ticked then I will give you a free Total Cover Plus hair system and fitting with myself.


Why am I doing this… because I can, because I am so blessed every day to be able to offer the very best hair system out there and work with so many guys that are in the same position as me. This is my thank you to all the guys that have trusted me and continue to work with me day in day out to give them the hair that they deserve.

To cover myself there are a couple of T&C’s which you can click on below and have a read – nothing scary I promise!

YOU tell us why you should have a free Total Cover Plus Hair System

Closing Date 30th April 2018

The Dude Lab Giveaway Terms and Conditions