09 Feb 2018

It’s that planning time of the year, when is the right time to get a system?

It’s that time of the year when friends start sending “Save The Date” cards and those dream summer holidays are being planned… I get asked a lot from new clients who would like to have a system fitted for that special occasion and if I think it’s a good idea…my simple answer is YES!!!

Though I do ask that we work together so it’s not “JUST” before a big event as you will still be adjusting to seeing yourself with your new hair.

I find that if you can give yourself a couple of weeks to get use to wearing the system, looking in the mirror and also managing the home maintenance then you will be able to focus on your event and not be getting use to being a system wearer.

I also know from personal experience that some of these events you will be bumping into people you’ve not seen for a while and if it’s a wedding with lots of people there, it could make you feel a bit uneasy or having a holiday and not knowing how to manage the system with the bond could get in the way of enjoying the sun.


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